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Web design is a broad term so let me be specific. At Advert Ideas we concentrate on designing and maintaining WordPress sites. WordPress sites are ideas for blogs, portfolio and showcase sites, which covers most of small business needs. My preferred theme is DIVI by Elegant themes but if you have theme you have seen that you prefer to use that’s also ok. I believe web design should be eye catching, elegant, easy to navigate, and easily found by potential customers. For a basic one page design to get you started, home pages range from $500. Average pricing for full sites including on page SEO optimisation and social sharing range from $1,500. Please contact me for an estimate based on your website requirements.

Aura drafting

AURA design and drafting is a start up company. The owner is transitioning from being a builder to a draftsman. The business had no folio of work to show on the site, so the direction of the brand and website creative was all about potential and possibilities. Full site here.

Pockets the Clown

Sunshine Design uses the best quality themes from Elegant Themes. This is one the many free layout packs from Divi. The Divi theme and builder are my primary tools for building WordPress websites. This website preview is one of the free templates available to download with my lifetime subscription. I generally start my sites with a clean slate, but this is a good example of the Divi theme. If you love this template it could be the starting point of your next site. Every element, colour, font and arrangement is completely editable. The unique thing about Divi is that you can edit from the back end and the front end. Each way of working has its benefits.

Pockets the Clown

A funky brand design and website for music producer – Stufly. This music collaborator is in his late 40s so is not overly keen to promote his own image. He want to market his music to a younger audience so I’ve used clever imagery to achieve this and keep his face off the marketing. It keeps the brand looking young and current. His music is modern electronic, chill and pop.

Pockets the Clown

A new start up investment advisor – Armchair Property Investments. This guys is experienced but new to the Sunshine Coast. He advises people how to get started investment. The target audience is 30 something with some disposable income. People interested in securing their future financial freedom. His payment is through affiliated builders in the major cities. This job involved logo design, advertising advise and web design. It was a fast turnaround and cost the client just over $1200.

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I love WordPress. I get to combine lot of different web design and adobe software skills. While you’re here check out the rest of the folio to get a feel for some of the endless possibilities we can achieve with your website design.


ibook showcase site

ibook, cover art & layout wordpress design.

Brainstrorming ebook store site

A showcase for this brainstorming ebook. Contains video and downloadable pdf.

Alternative Health Website

Blogging site for alternative health business.

Everything I do is website design is aimed at growing your business. I tread the fine line between, functionality, speed, beauty, SEO and user experience. Website design is definitely a challenge to achieve that perfect balance. This why I love it. I’m passionate about sharing my experience, wisdom and love for online advertising to help you have the best website possible for your business.
Business owners are often time poor and a good website helps duplicate your time and increase your leads with out any extra effort. As a designer, my business would be dead in the water without an online folio of work. Online is such an immediate medium for summing up and showcasing what your business is about. I love that it is fluid, intuitive and flexible. Changing your brand or message is a only a few clicks away.
If you like my site, found it easily and found it easy to navigate that should tell you a lot. For a no obligation chat please call me Stu Flynn: 0414505393

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