Stuart Flynn - Background

Stuart Flynn – Raised in Adelaide, South Australia I’ve always been interested in art. I had a passion for drawing as a boy, I copied characters from movies for up to 8 hours a day, so when I left school I wanted a career in art or design. I spent 3 years studying graphic design and then 3 years majoring in illustration to turn my passion into a practical trade. The following 16 years were spent among some of the top advertising agencies and studios in Australia where I was contributed to many award winning campaigns. Some of my roles in the design industry included – Art Director (pulp, DP ink) , Studio Manager – (PPR), Senior Designer (BMF Advertising). Advert ideas has been up and running since Nov 2013 providing only top graphic design solutions. It’s still nimble with me as the core staff member, however I do have a network of experts around me if required. These include freelance designers, copywriters, IT, SEO and social media specialists.

Education and training

Formal qualifications. BA. Design – Illustration, Assoc Dip. Graphic Design, Award School, Business Studies, various advanced courses on Photoshop. Regular in house short courses at award winning agency BMF Advertising.

Subjects have included:

  • Typography – 2 years
  • Illustration – 6 years
  • Print making – 3 years
  • Graphic design – 6 years
  • Photography – 2 years
  • Art History – 2 years
  • Drawing – 6 years
  • Advance Photoshop – 2 days
  • Business Studies – 6 months
  • Accounting – 6 months
  • Office Administration – 1 year
  • Idea strategy – 6 months
  • Print production – 1 year

I continue to spend many hours a week doing online research into new technologies and design trends.


Clients I've worked with

Renault, Lion Nathan (XXXX gold, Toohey’s Extra Dry), Foxtel, Bpay, Weightwatchers, Elle Bache, OPSM, IKEA, Foxtel, Commonwealth Bank, Aldi, Lamb, Beef, Ty the knot, Providence Wealth, Rheem, Paloma, Urban Growth, Ideas Hatchery, Nurture Parenting, RISA, Aussie Home Loans, McDonald’s, Gillian Adams Day Spa, Wentworth Hotel, Novotel, Scouts Australia, Living Health, Netball Australia, Adelaide Fringe, Dairy Vale, Hyde Park Dental, The Clyde Hotel, Chunky Custard, Planet Square, stufly, Jai Sounds, Sastchi & Sastchi, Pulp, BMF, Corporate Express, Headmark, PPR.

What I do

Print and online design/communication from the ground up – bonus services include illustration, photography & music production. Design includes brand development, WordPress, strategy, finished art, finessing of typography and images using the latest Adobe Suite products, print management, MailChimp EDMs, ibooks, photography, retouching and social media strategy.

What I don't do
  • Quicky jobs – Any job done properly requires consultation, planning, execution and administration
  • Large Ecommerce sites – Shopify platform is worth considering for multiple products
  • Clients who pay late – I’m a small business and can’t afford the overheads of chasing money
I believe

Every business has something unique to offer. A mixture of personality, creativity, passion and culture. If you can define that something special into once sentence, you’re half way there to unlimited success. I’m passionate about discovering the soul of your business and matching you with the clients you deserve. I offer top graphic design solutions for the best value for your money.

What gives me an edge

A degree doesn’t seem to mean much in this industry anymore but when I was applying for admission in 1989, the course had an quota of 20 people in the state. This meant that less than 5% of applicants got in each year. In the interim I did an associate diploma in graphic design to finally achieve my goal of studying Illustration full time. I did a further 3 years doing an illustration major and was invited into honors. In 1996 I left school with minimal computer software skills in today’s standards, but after 6 years at uni I had a very good understanding of design theory, typography, balance, composition and the principle of good design and graphic communication.

My first year was working alongside an unqualified, but practicing designer slash gifted salesman and fellow muso. Under his guidance I quickly got up to speed on the real world version of commercial design. The following 20 of so years have allowed me to hone my technical computer skills and my online experience to a new level each year. During that journey I’ve had roles as an art director for a print broken, a studio manager, TV slide guy, ‘New Ideas’ magazine guy and part of a larger advertising agency. I was a brand manager for 8 years in the Australian Agency of the Decade and in turn was part of that advertising team that won 100s of awards including a Gold Lion at Cannes. During my time at BMF Advertising I also did a night course ‘Award School’ which taught me skills in advertising strategy and Art Direction. At the end of the Award School course I wrote a book called ‘Extreme nouns’ to help future students . The book has since sold hundreds of copies worldwide.

The team consists of me, myself and I.

And that’s the way I like it. I’m all about quality graphic design solutions, offering one on one service. Many local design agencies outsource work or are bogged down with a team of junior design staff, middle management, account managers, and business owners who know little about technical design skills and aesthetic aspects of design. Most of the staff are only interested in the bottom line, or doing their particular part of the job before going home for the day. By time you actually get to the designer, who is passionate about delivering quality and relevance, the message of what your business needs from the client has been filtered down through a number of staff. I’ve worked in these local agencies and have seen first hand the reduced quality, wasted hours and lack of attention to detail that this process produces. No one person is to blame, but it is not an efficient system for getting top quality work. On the other hand you may have visited other smaller freelance sites and been attracted to the easy offers and budget pricing. Beware of these pages as well. Unlike other professions, the design industry is not regulated, so make sure you know what quality you’re going to get for your money. With 20 years experience and a BA in design, it’s hard to find someone that will be more capable of making your business stand out and become more profitable through branding and digital design. As a sole trader with a broad knowledge of all things design and advertising, I collaborate closely with you to deliver the best strategy and execution for your advertising needs. Unlike other agencies I don’t outsource work to juniors or overseas agencies, so whether you choose to work side by side or remotely, I’m hands on with your print, technical, imagery, branding and online requirements.

The new office at Brightwater Estate – come and meet me for a coffee to discuss your needs.

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