Testing Bodhi animation:

In this example I’ve embedded a swf vector file. The file size is small, sharp and loads fast, which is ideal. The disadvantage is that flash files aren’t currently supported by mobile devices. Hopefully that changes soon. The way around this it is to have 2 optional elements in the back end of your website. One element is a text box containing the flash embed code. This animation is set to display on desktop. The alternate element is an image file. This element is set to display on phone and tablet. In this particular case I’ve made an animated gif image as the alternate image for mobile devices. The gif loads slower and is not great quality for desktop, but seems to look fine on mobile. An example of an animated is gif is further down on this page. If this test has worked you will be seeing only one image right now, either on your desktop or mobile device.

Instructions on adding flash to WordPress.
To add a flash animation you can’t currently upload via the media section on your backend. You need to upload through your cpanel. This simple video explains it and how to get a flash banner into your wordpress site without a plug in. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=67bYrIUU2SI

Animated gif…An advantage is that is works like an image – It plays by default without pressing a button…This gif is quite large at 1.8 MB (1280X72) or 794 KB(640X360) but smaller than a fully rendered video or mp4. The downside is that some of the detailed animation like the leaves don’t wiggle compared to the mp4 or movie render. Also the colour is compromised to closest basic web colours.

mp4 (1280X720) – full animation – all the elements are intact and colour and details are high quality. The downside is that without using code, it currently requires you to hit play to get anything to happen. Could be a simple fix with the right code or maybe a plug in? This render of the animation without an end transition would currently suit  a video presentation where you want it to stay on a static image once the animation is finished. You can add a preview image but that mean clicking twice to get the animation going. Another option would be to somehow embed a youtube vid and remove the advertising with an auto play function.