My approach is about capturing emotion, genuine connection with my client’s business and a commitment to quality. I’ve worked on various shoots over the last 10 years to capture the essence of the moment. My most recent shoot was for Julia Gillard’s book tour. I’ve also art directed and shot for leading Australian Baby Whisperer – Karen Faulkner on her latest ebook ‘The magic of touch’. I’m formally trained at the University of South Australia with high distinctions – 1995. As a qualified graphic designer and illustrator I also do all of my own retouching. Photoshop is one of my many specialties.

Julia Gillard Photoshoot
Julia Gillard Photoshoot

Photoshoot – Julia Gillard book tour – Commissioned by Better Reading

Nurture Parenting  – Photoshoot for Baby massage ibook. ‘Baby Massage -the magic of touch’

Kid’s Photo shoots  – 2 images combined in Photoshop to bring out the best expressions of both pictures.


Retouching experiment  – A personal project using opposite techniques and effects. Left and right I generate an older and a younger version of this wedding photo.

Dairy Farmers  – Brochure image. Product shots combined with their standard hills image background.