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Creative Graphic Designer – Stuart Flynn

Based in Brightwater Estate, (Mountain Creek) on the Sunshine Coast – I provide quality graphic design & communication for your business without the overheads of a large agency. I cover all aspects of branding including logo development, WordPress websites, social & print production. With a Bachelor in Design, Award School & 20 years experience in some of the top Australian advertising agencies, you can trust me to deliver high end advertising and graphic design solutions. If you value experience, communication and quality please call for a no obligation chat. – Stu Flynn: 0414 505 393

  • Logos & branding
  • Graphic design & finished art
  • WordPress, EDM & social media
  • Illustration and animation
  • Photography & Photoshop
  • Print management
  • Editorial & Advertising
  • Teaching (Adobe Software)

Music website

Video editing, music production, Photoshop cover art.

Celebrant website

One page WordPress. Simple & cost effective.

ibook showcase site

ibook, cover art & layout design.

Stu Flynn | Graphic design / Web design – Sunshine Coast

I’m a senior graphic designer / graphic communicator with an added passion for illustration and creative idea development. I look at your business from an outsiders perspective. I believe in spending time to research and discover your business before working out how to articulate that story through words and images. My ideal approach to new work is to immerse myself in the big picture before concentrating on the details of graphic design and technical. A good brief and a detailed company profile goes a long way. Some key questions may be something like this. What do you want to achieve through your advertising? What is your competition doing. How are you unique in the market place.

My aim is too exceed your expectations. Instead of just giving you what you think you want, I aim to deliver what you need. This is done by understanding the big picture stuff, and even getting you to understand it, before diving into a logo design or an advertising flyer. I try to use my experience and passion in advertising to define your business with a clear brand message and call to action. This in turn will lead to more profit, more client interest and a higher market share within your industry.

Over the last 20 years I’ve worked in Adelaide, Sydney and now the Sunshine Coast. For 8 of those years I was a senior graphic designer at BMF – Agency of the decade in Sydney. I learned the Advertising business from some of the top creative directors and art directors in the business. Previous to that I worked as a freelance illustrator and art director in Adelaide. I worked for 8 months at TVSN in TV graphics on the Photoshop animation team. I also did a stint at New Idea Magazine. I was studio manager for various design studios where I managed the graphic design team. This included the largest PR firm in Australia. More recently I was asked to be the photographer for the Julia Gillard book launch, which was a highlight.

One of my proudest achievements was developing, promoting and creating my own brainstorming ebook – Extreme nouns. The book has sold hundreds of copies worldwide.  During the process of promoting the ebook I immersed myself in google adwords, analytics and social advertising.

These days I run my own business. I split my time between high end branding and responsive web site design. Many of my clients are Australian and International Marketing and Strategy Companies. These companies tend to outsource specialised skills like graphic design, animation and illustration. I also service smaller local businesses with start up branding, social and web design.

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